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There But For Fortune

01.18.11| 1 Comment

the military industrial complex takes out the Kennedy’s, MLK, etc. and Dem. Mayor orders his Chicago police to shoot to kill at the people protesting–just for protesting and before long people are enjoying their drugs even more than before because who wants to get killed? And we gave up, then we doubted our perceptions and ourselves and tried to forget or just accept the lie all along, but don’t you wish there really was John Wayne and apple pie? And then we were happy to live in the lie, as long as things were relatively comfortable. Until they taunted us and really f*cked up our picture for their greed, mismanagement, etc. But why do they need to rub our faces in it?

Perfectly happy to live the lie as long as no one reminds us of the dastardly consequences on an hourly basis. We were ok with the morning paper you could just start off with the sports section and take the news with a grain of baseball. Now that news became entertainment we have to be constantly reminded. Except when something particularly clever happens. We don’t get the stuff that would really infuriate and we complain about that as well. But most of us were content as long as our house wasn’t burning and our house had a roof. We couldn’t even see through the shit that was thrown at us, always an American flag covering the reality of oppression and the reality of war. Profit, power, status quo. If there will be any changes it’s just to make sure the powerful get more because after all they need a challenge also. So seeing Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune reminds us once again how much the War Machine takes out any threats to war. It would be contradictory for a world in peace to kill anyone who would endanger it. I remember there was a Star Trek about that one. But for an empire built on Big Lies, barely subtle consequences for rocking the boat, an empire still driven by a sort of Manifest Destiny—killing a few powerful peace-mongers is quick, easy and should be expected. But what struck me about the background of the tragedy of Ochs that this film conveys is how meticulously the powers that be continue to control us by giving us a slightly better chance at a decent life than the places it subjugates. And is knowing that no other powers would be any better enough justification? But here we are going through the exact same problems that we had in the sixties. Just on the edge of it being too bad to allow, but not quite there for most people most of the time. And what if Ochs got the fame and success he thought he deserved? Could he have lived in this world that repeats itself through cycles of horrific yearning and let’s just leave well enough alone? If nothing else the film is worth seeing just for Dave Van Ronk’s rendition dedication of He Was A Friend Of Mine. But let’s not leave it resolved; lets remember one of Phil’s most poignant points just slightly updated by a guy named Scary: (link to: LOVE ME I’M A LIBERAL Me I\’m A Liberal

1 Comment


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